Made famous by the fact that Chandler from Friends once fled there to avoid an ex-girlfriend, Yemen is the latest Arab nation to be undergoing a revolution. The countries current dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh has ruled the nation since it was officially formed in 1990. However his career leads back much further then that, as … Continue reading

Same-Sex Marriage

  I’ve never marched in a protest, apart from accidentally getting caught up in an anti-Iraq war march back in the days of Dubya, for the most part because I usually felt that in some way the issue didn’t really concern me. Which, to be honest, it usually doesn’t seem like it does, governments may … Continue reading

Burma VJ

  We’re all aware that we live in a lucky country, we are reminded of the fact every day, that we are free from war and Government tyranny, though occasionally tyranny seems preferable to the endless back-and-forth of Parliament, Utegate and seeing Tony Abbott in his Speedos. But then a film like Burma VJ comes … Continue reading