News Outside the Norm

The internet is huge. And complicated. It’s daily newspapers, trashy magazines, historical documents and dirty photos of ladies all combined into one giant mish-mash, with every one of these options and thousands more being accessable at the click of a link. So in this huge and complex web, how do we find news sites that … Continue reading

Work-University Balance

They say that life is about balance – right amount of veggies on your plate, right amount of sleep and fun and the right amount of cash to have the fun. For many people, starting university life can bring a whole range of events that need to be added on to an already busy life … Continue reading

Melbourne Fashion Week: Metalicus

Metalicus: A Rock Concert with Coat Hangers The first thing that you notice about a fashion show is not the fashion, it’s the noise. The Metalicus runway show, held at the Malvern Town Hall, had the atmosphere of a rock concert. The flashing cameras provided the strobe lighting, while the backdrop of the screen proclaiming … Continue reading

Girl With A Dragon Tattoo

  I walked into the cinema with no idea about what would follow, after all I have never read the novels on which this movie adaptation is based – though I have seen copies of the novels in every bookstore, and heard through friends and family members about this amazing new series by Stieg Larsson, … Continue reading

Burma VJ

  We’re all aware that we live in a lucky country, we are reminded of the fact every day, that we are free from war and Government tyranny, though occasionally tyranny seems preferable to the endless back-and-forth of Parliament, Utegate and seeing Tony Abbott in his Speedos. But then a film like Burma VJ comes … Continue reading

10 Essential Items for Moving House

Moving house, especially into your first house or first unfurnished house, is a fantastic experience. You are finally striking out on your own, and have a place that is completely your own – but with that move comes a whole lot of expenses that you never thought you’d encounter and items that you never thought … Continue reading