Apparently God’s Angry

….But not, I think, as angry as me. Unless you have been honeymooning on Mars there is a good chance you know at least the basics of what is happening in Japan. About the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck the country, about the tsunami that followed, about the still lingering threat of nuclear fall out … Continue reading


Made famous by the fact that Chandler from Friends once fled there to avoid an ex-girlfriend, Yemen is the latest Arab nation to be undergoing a revolution. The countries current dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh has ruled the nation since it was officially formed in 1990. However his career leads back much further then that, as … Continue reading

Never A Clear Cut

Today in Phildelphia prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty in a high profile abortion case. The accused, Dr Kermit Gosnell, (who is either 69 or 70 according to various media sources), faces eight counts of murder. Seven babies and one 41 year old woman, who is beleived to have died as a result … Continue reading

When TEN Becomes One

Yesterday Channel 10 made an abrupt announcement, that CEO Grant Blackley had been informed of the ‘immediate termination of his contract as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company’, after the unanimous decision of the board. Now Lachlan Murdoch, son of the infamous media mogul Rupert, has been appointed as CEO, backed up by the … Continue reading

Are private lives in the public interest?

Once upon a time, there was a minister in NSW and turns out, he was gay. Or bi-sexual. Or bi-curious. We don’t really know. Because an intelligent, measured debate about where people realistically lie on the sexual spectrum has never been attempted while covering this debate. The man had children. Chances are, it’s not as … Continue reading

News Outside the Norm

The internet is huge. And complicated. It’s daily newspapers, trashy magazines, historical documents and dirty photos of ladies all combined into one giant mish-mash, with every one of these options and thousands more being accessable at the click of a link. So in this huge and complex web, how do we find news sites that … Continue reading

Female Paedophiles

BE WARNED This was an essay and is extremely long…. And not a little disturbing. Femininity is created within our society as an almost mystical experience – even now women will claim their right to be free and independent, but the man still has to pick up the cheque and open the door. Women are … Continue reading

Work-University Balance

They say that life is about balance – right amount of veggies on your plate, right amount of sleep and fun and the right amount of cash to have the fun. For many people, starting university life can bring a whole range of events that need to be added on to an already busy life … Continue reading

Entry without an ATAR

In 2008 there were 39,068 year 12 students who applied for University with an ATAR score. But there were 1,189 applications from students without one. How did those students get accepted without an ATAR? Steiner Acceptance Lola Digaletos, a first year animation student at RMIT, graduated High School in 2008 without an ATAR score. She … Continue reading

Falun Dafa

The descriptions could be of two separate organisations – with the Chinese Consulate’s official website claiming it is a cult that places its leader above Jesus, disrupts the natural order of religion and deceives the public, threatening the very fabric of the societies where it is performed. While practitioners claim it to be a healing … Continue reading