It’s Never the Victim’s Fault

Remember back to when you were 11. (This is more aimed at girls – guys, remember how you were, then try and remember how the girls were too)  Remember how grown up you wanted to be? Remember your friends, your school, remember the schoolyard politics of it all…

But most of all, remember how this was the start of wanting to be cool. This was the start of wanting boys to like you, wanting to be pretty, wanting to be accepted, wanting to be popular.

Now imagine that some guy offers to take you for a ride somewhere. He’s a cool guy. He has a car. He’s older, cuter and way cooler then anyone you know.

So you go. Because guess what, when you’re 11 you’re not thinking of all the bad things that can happen. You’re not expecting to be hurt.

But a girl in Cleveland, Texas, got hurt. In fact, she was gang raped by 18 boys and men. 18.

The man driving her took her to a house, threatened to beat her if she didn’t take her clothes off, and then he and his friend raped her.

And you know how people found out? Because these men filmed it. And a student brought it to the attention of a teacher.

There is footage out there now, of this 11 year old girl being raped by 18 boys and men.

It’s one of the most horrific things I have ever heard of. And the worst thing, the worst worst thing, is that instead of this sparking a debate about how these young men could have possibly got this idea in their heads, about how they could have forgotten what they knew about right and wrong, about how the hell they could have thought it would be funny, or cool, or just in anyway more then a subhuman repuslive to rape a child. Oh no. That is not the debtate. Instead people are blaming her. Every single god damn media report makes mention of the girl as ‘wearing make up’ and ‘dressing provoactively’.

Because of course. I forgot. If you’re 11 and wear make up and a mini skirt, you get raped. That’s how our society goes.

Here’s a quote from the New York Times article (which is horrific):

“It’s just destroyed our community,” said Sheila Harrison, 48, a hospital worker who says she knows several of the defendants. “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.”

You know how they could have avoided that? By not raping her. It’s pretty f#$%ing simple. Don’t rape someone, then you don’t have to live with the guilt of it. I always thought it was pretty simple rule.

These people raped a child. They then not only filmed that rape, but virally spread it around the young population.

Oh, and here’s a quote from the Houston Chronicle. Actually several. They’re also horrific.

James D. Evans III, an attorney who represents three of the defendants, insists: “This is not a case of a child who was enslaved or taken advantage of.”

And earlier in the article… Carter Williams, 64, seated at a small card table playing dominoes inside a local grocery, does not think laying blame is the right response to the sex assault.

“This is a praying time for the young men and the young girl,” Williams said. “Seems like everyone in this whole town needs some God in their life.”

Here is my own personal prayer: That the girl is not blamed for her rape. That the men spend years in prison and are registered sex offenders. And people in the media and in this town remember what it was like to be 11. And imagine what it was like if this had happened to their daughter, their niece, their sister, their cousin. Because then you won’t be blaming the victim anymore. Because I doubt an 11 year old would ever turn to a bunch of 18 men and ask them to have sex with her. And guess what, even if she did (which she did not, I would like to make that very clear) she is 11. Legally, she cannot have sex. Because it’s rape. Of a child.

If you’re disgusted by the media coverage, please sign this petition against the New York Times.

And tell people about this. Write about it, tweet about it, talk about it. An 11 year old was gang raped. We should be outraged.

2 Responses to “It’s Never the Victim’s Fault”
  1. kaylee says:

    This happens every day, my friends. In fact, what is the stat.. one rape happens approximately every 6 minutes?

    When a prostitute is murdered? She shouldn’t be sleeping with strange men.
    When a woman is followed home from a bar? She’s ASKING for it in THAT outfit.
    When a woman is raped at a party? She was probably to drunk to remember she said yes.
    When a woman is raped by her husband? She’s his wife. She should want to keep him happy.


    • themaurdian says:


      And when the victim is a child and is being blamed its even more wrong. We should never blame the victim for something that was done TO them, against their will.

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