News Outside the Norm

The internet is huge. And complicated. It’s daily newspapers, trashy magazines, historical documents and dirty photos of ladies all combined into one giant mish-mash, with every one of these options and thousands more being accessable at the click of a link.

So in this huge and complex web, how do we find news sites that aren’t made up by a half-drunk 85 year old with a penchant for stirring up trouble?

Well I may be proved wrong about these, but I thoroughly enjoy and rely on these news sites, especially because several of them have facebook updates as well, adding a whole dimension of respectability to tagging photos of me making cupcakes.

The Daily Beast

With book facebook and twitter updates the Daily Beast tells you stories ranging from tabloid fodder to serious coverage of larger issues. It’s also fun, easily accessible and has a massive community of commentors on their stories. And these comments range from so right wing a part of you suspect they may actually be Sarah Palin to Lenin incarnate.

Al-Jazeera English

Finally Al-Jazeera is getting some respect in the west. They’re unbiased, look at stories from more then one or two angles and they are damned interesting. It too sports a handy facebook update service, but the main site is pure traditional (if such a word can be applied to the internet) news site. GO TO THIS SITE.

Africana Online

A new one to watch. Political site with unbiased commentary on a variety of issues. Easy to read, and approaches the stories in a refreashingly frank and un-sappy way.


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