Same-Sex Marriage


I’ve never marched in a protest, apart from accidentally getting caught up in an anti-Iraq war march back in the days of Dubya, for the most part because I usually felt that in some way the issue didn’t really concern me.

Which, to be honest, it usually doesn’t seem like it does, governments may change, crisis’s and wars come and go, but our lives are usually unchanged. Then along comes an issue that seem small, but actually represent something much larger.

The issue of same-sex marriage seems simple enough, people of the same sex want to get married, just like people of opposite sexes. Well, fair enough say I, marriage as an institution has never appealed to me, but if there are gay people out there who want to get married, why not?

Sometimes I feel as though I am the only person who feels this way.

This simple issue has somehow morphed into a giant issue, with many tentacles extending into areas of conflict, from religion to child rearing to taxes.

People get into protracted arguments about the very meaning of the word marriage, about its history and its tradition and what it means to society. So I ask, does marriage really mean the same thing now it meant 50 years ago? 100 years ago? I’m sure it doesn’t meant the same thing it meant in say, Shakespearean England, where the wealthy wed for fortune, property and social class (obviously in modern times there are similar cases, I’m looking at you Donald Trump) and the poor wed for heirs, a partner to help out about the place, and sometimes for love.

It probably doesn’t mean the same thing it meant in the 1950’s, where unwed mothers were shunned and divorce was only allowed through adultery. Or in the revolution of the 1960’s, with the introduction of birth control that changed the way we all decided to have children, which led us on to the 70’s change of law to allow mutually agreed divorce.

And has our society crumbled, quaking and broken under the weight of all this change? Well, there are probably some who would argue it has, that somehow these evolving changes have lowered out moral and ethical fibre as a people… but I think for the majority, we’re pretty much going along as we always have. We no longer question divorce or the use of birth control. Our society has changed, and we don’t know any other way for it to be.

Marriage is not what it was, because our culture is not what it was. We are no longer only marrying within our own social class. We marry who we want, believe in what we want, work how we want and that should be extended to this final bastion of discrimination in our society.

So, would I march in a protest to allow same sex marriage? Would I say that this issue concerns me? I suppose I would, because one day we will look back on same sex marriage the same way we view divorce and birth control. They will be things that changed us, and then one day it will all be normal. It will be something we accept, and wonder what the protests and the arguments were all about.

One Response to “Same-Sex Marriage”
  1. piefolk says:

    Well said. Marriage Equality is not just a Gay issue. It’s a human rights issue. Living in a world that promotes bigotry and inequality is demeaning not just to Gays, but to everyone. It undermines our cultural morale, and it doesn’t support the American narrative: that we’re all entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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