Melbourne Fashion Week: Metalicus

Metalicus: A Rock Concert with Coat Hangers

The first thing that you notice about a fashion show is not the fashion, it’s the noise. The Metalicus runway show, held at the Malvern Town Hall, had the atmosphere of a rock concert. The flashing cameras provided the strobe lighting, while the backdrop of the screen proclaiming the designers name added the colour tinge to the inside of the hall.
For the first few minutes I was overwhelmed enough to have not noticed that the models had emerged and were beginning their strut down the catwalk.  I’ve always heard the excuse of fashion designers for the thinness of models as they’re being ‘coat hangers’. There for nothing else but for the clothes to drape off, and that any real sign of what the body looked like would somehow distract from the clothes themselves.
I was always extremely skeptical of this reasoning, because you notice that the clothes are never draped off unattractive clothes hangers, or ones with bad hair or no make-up, even though we aren’t meant to be noticing them. The odd thing was, I didn’t notice the models at first. I was simply looking at the clothes.

Metalicus Move

The opening half of the Metalicus show was Metalicus Move, a sports range. It was the normal sports items, short shorts, sleeveless shirts and sneakers, but with soft gentle fabrics, and rippling layers. A very trendy, urban sportswear range.
I’ve always been a fan of comfy-looking sportswear, so I was interested in the designers take on what I would usually purchase from Target. It did look impressive.

Casual Wear

Then, with a dramatic flash of colour and a song change, we came to the casual wear. If Metalicus is an indication then layers, colours and patterns are in – occasionally simultaneously.
Metalicus is also ignoring a popular Facebook group and continuing with the idea that Tights Are Pants, very bright and colourful tights, but worn as pants nonetheless.

By this point in the show, my eye had been drawn away from the clothes and back onto the models. So I began to notice the very odd catwalk style of the models, as they walked down past the media and the audience they had the typical model walk: bored, huffy, pouty and aloof. When they reached the end, where the waiting cameras were poised, their entire attitude changed. They flirted, bounced and preened and then turned around and strode huffily back down the runway.
It was amazing. And extremely distracting. I felt like I was at a club, watching the girls flirt with the band while ignoring everyone else.
So that was my fashion show, very similar to a rock concert – pretty girls flirting with the idea of having their photo taken, loud music and crazy lighting. And clothes, lots of pretty clothes.


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