Amnesty Candle Day

Amnesty International is a global organisation concerned with protecting human rights around the world by upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Amnesty is the world’s largest human rights organisation with more then 2 million members across 150 countries.

Amnesty International’s Candle Day is the largest event the organisation holds in Australia. This year Candle Day will be held from Friday the 7th of May until Sunday the 9th   and will be celebrated with events held around Australia.

Each year Amnesty chooses a campaign to base their activities around.  Previous successful campaigns include Stop Violence Against Women and the campaigns for the closure of Guantanamo Bay.

Amanda Atlee, Victorian Candle Day Coordinator says this year they will be focusing on raising awareness of the plight of refugees.

“Due to the governments recent announcement on refugees i.e. not processing Afghan or Sri Lankan refugee applications, Amnesty International has responded rapidly and extensively. This is now Amnesty’s priority over the coming months. In light of this development our new focus for Candle Day 2010 will be taking action on refugees which will be in line with a national mass mobilisation which is planned to take place on the 8th of May.”

In Melbourne a variety of events will be held throughout the city, with a main gathering in Federation Square. Amnesty focuses their fun activities and events on raising awareness of their featured campaign and also the other work Amnesty undertakes throughout the year.

The public events throughout the city will feature stalls and entertainment, as well as opportunities to become politically involved through signing petitions and in letter writing to state and federal members. Last year over 1300 signatures were gained at events throughout the city.

There are opportunities still available to become involved in Candle Day through running stalls, holding dinners with friends, and any other ideas you may have to help Amnesty spread their message.

To get involved please fill in and submit the registration form or visit


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