ACMA: …..huh?

“Current affairs programs, such as 60 Minutes, are not subject to the requirement of impartiality, nor are they required to seek balance within a report”


Well gosh. Just gosh. So… why on earth would anyone, ever believe anything that they have ever and will ever say?

This gem of wisdom was published in a low-winded piece about why ACMA is doing another slap on the wrist (a very weak slap, mind you, more of a leaf floating down from a great height and skimming across your skin) to A Current Affair after they angered Australia Pork Limited with a story they did last November.

I did not see the segment in question, but I sincerely doubt I will ever again believe in any judgement ACMA ever hands down after their frankly cowardly approach to the flagrantly pointless story about NSW Transport Minister, David Campbell and facts about his private life that was nobodies god damn business.


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